Complia corporate Compliance
Complia is a Compliance boutique whose team is the true value of the company. Complia is a service-oriented organization committed to satisfying the needs of our customers with the utmost rigor and professionalism.
We ensure compliance and legal security of our clients, whose success is our greatest reward.
"We are a multidisciplinary, highly qualified and experienced team with a broad vision of all types of businesses and organizations. We are accustomed to hard work, are fully involved with our clients and are results-oriented". 
Our core values are:


We are a team committed to the objectives of our customers, because their goals are our goals.
And we can do this, thanks to our knowledge and experience. We have both professional and academic credentials, and we are represented in exclusive global business associations.

Our professionals are specialists in different areas such as Finance, Technology, Legal, Audit, Consulting, Manufacturing and Education.


  • Our team adapts to the specific needs of each project for each client. Our network allows us access to experts, specialists in all fields, including contacts with regulators and supervisors that we apply in our projects.
  • We also maintain academic networking based on our continuous contacts with universities, allowing us access to the best professionals.
  • In our interdisciplinary teams, success comes from internal cooperation between the members of the project teams and even external relationships with other available resources.


  • We have specialized academic certifications in the best national and international universities and prestigious professional credentials of different associations to which we belong.
  • We also strive for continuous updating of knowledge through active participation in various symposia and sectorial and professional meetings.
  • Research and publication of specialized reports and documents in our areas of activity are very important for us as well.
  • Additionally, we are active in social media and professional networking which allows us a strong media presence to communicate our proposals and professional positions.


  • We have acquired huge experience in different levels, sectors and functions of business organizations that we use in our projects.
  • Also we have gained experience in aspects of independent professional practice in legal services. This allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients.

and above all, Quality

Our values, our professional and personal commitment to each project and client, solutions found, working together with our customers...all these aim to provide quality, added value and return on investment.

The investment of our customers is our investment. And their profitability is our target.
And we can say this with confidence and conviction, because we are lawyers, engineers, economists, computer scientists, consultants and auditors, with academic qualifications of high standard, with over 15 years of experience in various professional fields.
In conclusion, we are specialists. We are a legal boutique for all types of Compliance projects.