Protección de Datos

1. Documentation

Document and justify why there is no need for a Data Protection Officer

2. Consultancy

Consultancy services to the Data Protection Officer

3. Record of Processing Activities

·Inventory of each processing activity
·Legitimation and Consent
·Review forms to adapt them to the GDPR
·Drafting the Registry of Processing Activities
·Review security measures (previous security document oriented to risks)

4. Risk and EIPD need analysis

Análisis de riesgos y necesidad EIPD

5. Analyze the necessity of a DPIA

Protocol in case of security breaches

6. Rights protocol

ARCO Rights Attention Protocol

7. Contract review

Revision of contracts with third parties (Data Processor Contracts), with access to personal data or that could access personal data eventually

8. Privacy review

Privacy policy review

9. Cookies review

Cookies policy review